IDO Suite v19.5.0.0 (Download Link - 15 Changes - Released on April 17th 2020)

Enhancements (4):

  • 0000861: [Enhancement] Auto Printing Missing and On-hold JV should be in portrait orientation.
  • 0000880: [Enhancement] Misleading message appears when trying to add Currency journal.
  • 0000879: [Enhancement] Whenever adding a new fiscal period; selected date should be same as current fiscal year dates.
  • 0000875: [Enhancement] Select default currency whenever adding an account.

Bug Fixes (11):

  • 0000860: [Bug Fix] An error happens when double clicking on tree node (e.g. "All account groups").
  • 0000881: [Bug Fix] Error happens in Account trial balance report when selecting two dates.
  • 0000874: [Bug Fix] system doesn't accept entering Date manually (an error appears in the date selector box).
  • 0000876: [Bug Fix] Default settings for Print JV on save and Hide notes by default are not working properly.
  • 0000869: [Bug Fix] Exchange rate is not updated in case select custom currency in JV.
  • 0000871: [Bug Fix] Error happens when previewing an advanced report.
  • 0000872: [Bug Fix] Confusion happens between "Entity Title in reports" and "Entity name in reports".
  • 0000878: [Bug Fix] Cost center trial balance report title error (administrator).
  • 0000877: [Bug Fix] Report studio title doesn't appear when previewing a report.
  • 0000873: [Bug Fix] Report Studio doesn't allow opening other windows.
  • 0000870: [Bug Fix] In case of Currency Journal, system doesn't show default currency.

IDO Suite v19.2.700.0 (39 Changes - Released on February 18th 2020)

New Features (20):

  • 0000854: [Feature] Ad delete command to all grids in the system.
  • 0000848: [Feature] Add default date format settings to application.
  • 0000847: [Feature] Add default Exchange amount Precision settings to application.
  • 0000849: [Feature] Add default option to show date in reports in application settings.
  • 0000846: [Feature] Add default Precision settings to application.
  • 0000853: [Feature] Add reset to JV.
  • 0000838: [Feature] Add Search mechanism inside JV by name, account code or account number.
  • 0000859: [Feature] Add search to currencies inside Currency Journal and JV.
  • 0000858: [Feature] Add system settings to show or hide JV notes by default.
  • 0000857: [Feature] Allow overriding system reports without deleting the original ones.
  • 0000852: [Feature] Allow save and continue and save with print in JV.
  • 0000827: [Feature] Allow select arabic/english in account index report.
  • 0000828: [Feature] Allow select arabic/english in cost center index report.
  • 0000825: [Feature] Allow user to override reports by putting changed reports in Application "AppData" folder.
  • 0000826: [Feature] Allow user to save custom company data templates in Application "AppData" folder.
  • 0000830: [Feature] Cannot delete an entity, User should be able to delete Entity.
  • 0000797: [Feature] Create a report to show accounts used by cost centers.
  • 0000740: [Feature] Create Daily Journal report.
  • 0000690: [Feature] Repo open should be in default location (My Documents), also system should add directory on creation.
  • 0000850: [Feature] Show /change default connection string in application settings.

Enhancements (9):

  • 0000823: [Enhancement] Add Account type and Cost center availability to account index report.
  • 0000856: [Enhancement] Add extra entity types in Entity creation dialog.
  • 0000842: [Enhancement] Add serial numbers to JV lines.
  • 0000824: [Enhancement] Allow add account by account number in JV entry.
  • 0000844: [Enhancement] Fix errors in JV entry (allow full JV edit).
  • 0000843: [Enhancement] Make JV entry (focus, movement and amounts) easier.
  • 0000837: [Enhancement] Transactions: show account Number and name together.
  • 0000718: [Enhancement] User should be able to edit JV main data upon add or edit.
  • 0000835: [Enhancement] Vouchers Staging is confusing somehow in Single user Edition, it should be hidden and used only in professional edition.

Bug Fixes (10):

  • 0000822: [Bug Fix] Account index report contains wrong account level.
  • 0000855: [Bug Fix] An error appears when trying to create an entity with a system that uses Hijri (UmmulQura) date.
  • 0000836: [Bug Fix] Currency exchange rate is changed as per the new value whenever user Edit JV.
  • 0000832: [Bug Fix] Entity default settings some times not saved.
  • 0000833: [Bug Fix] Error when displaying some reports with start date value set.
  • 0000851: [Bug Fix] Fix Trial balance report title.
  • 0000820: [Bug Fix] Log file is not created multiple places, it should be in Appdata folder.
  • 0000829: [Bug Fix] Settings View Hides Some icons when it is shown in small screens.
  • 0000834: [Bug Fix] System allows currency symbol duplicates.
  • 0000821: [Bug Fix] system doesn't upgrade database if the repository is protected with password.

IDO Suite v19.2.600.0 (8 Changes - Released on November 26th 2019)

New Features (2):

  • 0000818: [Feature] Link transable account type to parent account.
  • 0000599: [Feature] Add refresh tree in Accounts and Cost centers Views.

Enhancements (3):

  • 0000798: [Enhancement] Allow delete a previously posted or staged JV if it is un-posted or un-staged.
  • 0000816: [Enhancement] Report Default language should be selected as per the current user language.
  • 0000817: [Enhancement] Error happens whenever trying to add a Group Account in empty COA.

Bug Fixes (3):

  • 0000819: [Bug Fix] Currency select drop down becomes enabled even if all currencies are selected in reports whenever changing template option.
  • 0000815: [Bug Fix] JV type name appears in Arabic (in JV listing) when the Entity language is English.
  • 0000814: [Bug Fix] JV Type name in report is incorrect.

IDO Suite v19.2.5.0 (3 Changes - Released on November 24th 2019)

Bug Fixes (3):

  • 0000811: Cannot edit any entity information unless there is an already-activated entity in the system.
  • 0000812: Cannot open report when Entity title is not set.
  • 0000813: Cannot open repository after creating it with "create database option".

IDO Suite v19.2.0.0 (10 Changes - Released on November 21st 2019)

New Features (5):

  • 0000606: [Feature] Create Reports Criteria User Control.
  • 0000808: [Feature] Add Row number next to row in all grids.
  • 0000778: [Feature] allow system logs to be passed by executable command line parameter.
  • 0000602: [Feature] Show Cost center Availability in Account View listing.
  • 0000716: [Feature] Allow user to choose "create database for me".

Enhancements (3):

  • 0000598: [Enhancement] Add rows count in listing.
  • 0000806: [Enhancement] Change "عنوان الشركة في التقارير" To "إسم الشركة في التقارير".
  • 0000554: [Enhancement] SDK: Change all IdoWindowDialog to IDODataWindowDialog.

Bug Fixes (2):

  • 0000804: [Bug Fix] Cost Center amount distribution percentage appears rounded to 1 precision in JV report.
  • 0000805: [Bug Fix] "Trial balance by totals" report doesn't take start date.

IDO Suite v19.1.2.0 (27 Changes - Released on November 6th 2019)

New Features (2):

  • 0000262: [Feature] Allow user to override "hide account remarks" settings on vouchers print.
  • 0000270: [Feature] Add a feature to re-update a repository when moving or copying the file.

Enhancements (12):

  • 0000791: [Enhancement] Change installer and system update method.
  • 0000798: [Enhancement] Allow delete a previously posted or staged JV if it is un-posted or un-staged.
  • 0000792: [Enhancement] Upon creation; Let the account inherit its parent Account nature as fixed nature.
  • 0000794: [Enhancement] Change Arabic translation for Entity from "شركة" to "منشأة".
  • 0000783: [Enhancement] Allow reports to show error when there is no entity logo assigned.
  • 0000775: [Enhancement] Show JV number ordered inside Account Balance report.
  • 0000023: [Enhancement] Localize MessageBox & MessageBox with YesNO.
  • 0000710: [Enhancement] Show JV number ordered inside CostCenter Balance report.
  • 0000779: [Enhancement] Stabilize SDK NameSpaces (Accounting and Sales are not in the same parent Erp namespace).
  • 0000118: [Enhancement] Associate Files with the app.
  • 0000127: [Enhancement] Allow user to assign color to entity.
  • 0000720: [Enhancement] Double click should open record in edit mode in All new Modules.

Bug Fixes (13):

  • 0000788: [Bug Fix] Accounts are not correctly sorted when adding a new journal voucher.
  • 0000787: [Bug Fix] Currency name is not sorted correctly when creating new entity.
  • 0000786: [Bug Fix] A wrong message appears when updating an entity.
  • 0000784: [Bug Fix] Account number doesn't show in Accounts listing screen.
  • 0000785: [Bug Fix] Cost center number doesn't show in Cost center listing screen.
  • 0000734: [Bug Fix] "Fiscal Year already exist" error happens when trying to add a fiscal year in a repository with multiple companies.
  • 0000776: [Bug Fix] Some Windows have wrong title.
  • 0000737: [Bug Fix] System doesn't allow selecting specific page on print.
  • 0000780: [Bug Fix] An error happens when trying to list JVs on new fiscal year.
  • 0000781: [Bug Fix] "Fiscal period already exist" error happens when trying to add new fiscal period in a repository with multiple companies (administrator)
  • 0000782: [Bug Fix] "Cost center number is duplicated" when editing a cost center in new entity.
  • 0000639: [Bug Fix] Need to test report studio (fixed assets) in new year.
  • 0000733: [Bug Fix] report studio should show reports relative to current entity.

IDO Suite v19.0.1.100 (27 Changes - Released on October 26th 2019)

New Features (5):

  • mantis issue 0000721: Allow select accounts in cost center balance report.
  • mantis issue 0000709: Show account name in cost center report.
  • mantis issue 0000279: Add De-Activate feature to fiscal year and entites.
  • mantis issue 0000059: Add "CheckIfUsed" for all objects in the SDK, to help in delete and edit process.

Enhancements (9):

  • mantis issue 0000691: Double click should open record in edit mode.
  • mantis issue 0000600: Incorrect cost center deletion message.
  • mantis issue 0000699: Check that all JVs are posted upon fiscal period close.
  • mantis issue 0000012: Tune-up Fiscal periods Activate Periods / Adjustment periods validation.
  • mantis issue 0000066: Update validation on fiscal years.
  • mantis issue 0000703: Rename Application mode instead of "Theme" as (dark, light).
  • mantis issue 0000065: Issues in Fiscal years delete
  • mantis issue 0000064: Issues in Fiscal Years modify
  • mantis issue 0000700: Fix system setup duplicated entry in control panel

Bug Fixes (14):

  • mantis issue 0000692: Record edit should not open when a fiscal year or period is closed.
  • mantis issue 0000712: An error happens when trying to add new repository with arabic name in a non-unicode locales environment.
  • mantis issue 0000713: JV Add doesn't store cost center distribution status although it stores the data correctly.
  • mantis issue 0000714: Cost center default distribution doesn't work when adding JV.
  • mantis issue 0000715: Account selection is not listed by order in the app , it also should include account number.
  • mantis issue 0000719: Fiscal period should not be edited if it has transactions.
  • mantis issue 0000619: Suspect number should not be allowed on edit.
  • mantis issue 0000623: Fix an Error happens on update.
  • mantis issue 0000624: License module doesn't work.
  • mantis issue 0000706: "Balance at line 1 is empty" when updating a JV.
  • mantis issue 0000687: Report studio should not be opened when there is no fiscal year open.
  • mantis issue 0000712: An error happens when trying to add new repository with arabic name in a non-unicode locales environment.
  • mantis issue 0000708: Fix Cost center needs update error message upon JV edit.
  • mantis issue 0000711: User name and password are disabled in Repository creation.